Itsi, a.k.a. Jason Kleinfeld was born in Antwerp, Belgium on Oct. 07 1979. He first started composing as his best friend fell, untimely, to a cardiac arrest that claimed his life approx. 4 years later. His passion for music claims several great hits, including his numero'1 title song "NEVER FORGOTTEN," written in memory of those perished during the holocaust. The music he writes is inspired and vastly soulful. Heartfelt tunes of expression that engulf all that hear his material with warmth and emotional presence. His debut album is currently in all Judaica stores in Brooklyn, Manahattan, Monsey and Queens. Look out for "Never Forgotten."

"I thank G-D with all I could muster for the dimension I’m lost in. “Music.” Inspire - dream. Capture - passion. Express - hope. Well, “Never Forgotten,” it’s simply… me." - iTSI